my name is monique

self portrait of the artist in one of her many graphic t-shirts

I am a storyteller, writer, journalist, content creator, information curator, and a native of Los Angeles, California. That last part is super important because I put on for my city.

I love coffee, words, books, lipstick, wine, graphic t-shirts, shoes, clothes, pens, journals, tattoos, trader joe's, purses, and all things bullet journaling, but not necessarily in that order.

this is “off the record”

I come from the old school of personal blogging, and I envision this to be that kind of space where I share personal stories; thoughts on things I see, do, and read; memes I like or relate to; bits and pieces of writing I’m working on; other people’s writing that I think you may enjoy; and so on.

In other words, this is the side of me you don’t get to see in my professional writing. It’s the “softer side of Sears,” but it’s unedited and unfiltered and sometimes not safe for work.

i’m bringing back personal blogging

The thing I miss about the old school personal blogging days is the sense of community that came along with it. People read my blog every day and hung out in the comments discussing whatever the topic at hand was.

Sure, we’ve managed to recapture some of that with social media, but it’s not the same, in my opinion, and I want some of that old magic back.

I plan to rebuild that for myself here, one post and one day at a time.

I’d be happy if you would join me.

storytelling is a revolutionary act. this is mine.

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I read. I write. I think. I link.


I am a storyteller, writer, content creator and information curator based in Los Angeles, California. I love graphic t-shirts, coffee, the color pink and anything media related. It's my kink.